Rules & Regs


  • Spectators or non-paid gamers are not entitled to setup computer equipment.
  • Are not legible for any prizes or giveaways (unless stated).
  • Are not permitted to play games on PC’s or console, unless permission is given.


  • Attendees at DGA events (including guests) must conduct themselves in an orderly and civilized manner.
  • Good sportsmanship.
  • Responsible for personal equipment (including phone, wallets, watches .etc) and for the safety of them selves while making maintenance to personal electrical equipment.
  • Each attender will be held responsible for any illegal software installed or shared on their own computer.
  • Comply to any requests made by Administrators.
  • Remain civil in the consumption of alcohol. Poor alcohol control will be met with police intervention. Under no circumstances may a minor consume alcohol at the DGA event.


  • All paid attenders hold the right to play in servers (unless servers are created for pacific use) and to host games (DGA Administrators reserve the right to remove hosted games if the offender comes into breach with any rules and regulations).
  • If any concerns arise DGA Administrators are there to help.
  • File sharing is permitted unless instructed by an Administrator.


  • No person may touch or interfere with anyones PC or personal belongings unless instructed by the owner, in which case the owner should be present at all times.
  • Permission is required by a DGA Administrator to install a Game Server, File Sharing Server, E donkey Server or the alike into a DGA network. If approved it will be expected to follow the directions and rules given by the Administrator.
  • Speakers are to be kept down during use, and must not be used during normal game play.
  • Pornography is not to be displayed at any time during DGA events.
  • The use of projectors are not permitted unless organised before hand with Administrators. Larger then 30″ monitors may only be used when permission is applied for and given.
  • Illegal drugs are not permitted. Abuse this rule and Administrators hold the right to inform the police.
  • Consumption of Alcohol will be monitored and adjusted accordingly.
  • Smoking is only permitted outside in designated areas. Please do not smoke in the doorway.
  • Abusive, intimidating, verbal or physical harassment will be handled accordingly. We will not hesitate to bring in police enforcement.