DGA MMXii Alpha Wrap Up

[singlepic id=2486 w=320 h=240 float=right]Good evening Darwin Gamers.

At the end of February was our first LAN Party for 2012 and it was the event to attend. For those that missed it make sure you get yourself and a friend to the next one.

So many new things were introduced at this event here are just a few:

The event had a few interesting surprises for us to contend with.

Firstly there was the initial lack of working ceiling fans, and for those of you living down south these are extremely important when living in Darwin.

What we found was that someone who used the location last had decided to damage three of the ceiling fans. Now if you can imagine for a moment a fan with a misaligned fan blade; when the fan is spinning it wobbles uncontrollably causing more damage to it and potential harm to anyone near it.

We thought about OH&S for about a second and decided to make a platform out of tables and  chairs stacked while making the lightest person to bend the blades back into shape.

Now this worked for some of them, however one just couldn’t be fixed. So off we searched for some other forms of airflow as the temperature inside the event was getting uncomfortable. We eventually located five pedestal fans we found in the underground carpark which took the edge off.

After a little bit we noticed that one fan wasn’t spinning with all the others. After checking it our we removed one of its perfect blades and replaced the damaged one. Winner potential decapitation  of Heddles who was directly under the fan, averted.

Big thanks to Reece, Alan, Heddles and BBaxt for helping me with building maintenance.

So now with a safe environment we kicked things into gear and got the LAN Party started.


First up was Quake 3 Arena which is alway fun to play. I however missed out as I didnt have a PC to play games on however I really enjoyed these video demos thanks to Wishful Thinking.

Here is all 4 Demos in a Playlist on the Darwin Gamers YouTube Channel.

I like this one the most as this is my favourite arena.

Next on the Agenda was Team Fortress 2 which as always goes right off.

I personally think the winner for the gaming at this LAN was Far Cry 2 which had every single gamer just fragging like crazy and having the best time. Now again I couldn’t participate so I need everyone who attended to leave comments about all the games played and what you thought of the event.


  • Flying the Drone inside the LAN over the Gamers – check out the video
  • Ordering 18 Pizzas that arrived on time, no mistakes and had what was in the box written on the box. Plus as a Bonus I sorted and hand delivered each Pizza to the seat of each gamer.
  • Sweating like crazy prompted looking for a fix for the damaged fans.
  • Seeing the new setup with the AV system and dashboard which had links to the FTP server for all the required files and a shout box.
  • Using my iPad to play music through the AV system which faded in and out when we used the mic.
  • DragonXR hacking into the Drone to get it working. Apparently it runs a Linux OS. Happy DragonXR and BBaxt.
  • Setup and Pack up was amazing, so efficient and well executed by everyone who attended making the LAN and even bigger success.
  • Watching gamers jump around playing on the XBox Kinect.
  • Head over to the event gallery for this LAN Party to see what happened during the event.

Thank you to our Sponsors

As always it is so important to acknowledge the generosity of our Sponsors:

  • Darwin Community Arts for allowing us to use the location that has Internet, Power and AC
  • Harvey Norman who lent us 7x XBox Consoles, 6x 27in Displays, COD MW3 to had setup on a mini LAN.
  • Rebmoc Leisure & Hire who provides us Drinks
  • Dominos Pizza for Great Pizza, Services and Delivery on time and to the door.
  • Majestix Media for lending us the AV System which included a Projector, Wireless Mic and Sound System.
  • KikFM for the ongoing advertising

Well I will wrap this up now. If I have missed anything important please comment below to let everyone know what a great event it was and we look forward to kicking off the next one at the end of April.

Thank you again to everyone involved and make sure to practice for the next LAN Party Event MMXii Bravo.

As always:

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