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DGA MMXii Charlie Wrap Up

[singlepic id=2579 w=320 h=240 float=right]Darwin Gamers,

Firstly I would like to thank everyone who attended and a big thank you to everyone who helped out on the day.

This was a very successful event from our point of view and it was great seeing lots of games being played.

Good size LAN, lots of Pizza, Great Music, some Ninja Warrior and lots games, oh yeah some new faces. Thank you to Red and TheCrane for checking us out.

I’ve decide to keep this wrap up short and sweet from a DGA team perspective as it would be great to have some comments and feedback from you the gamers and attendees of the event to let us know what you thought of this event. We want to know the good, the bad and anything else.

It is really important that your voice is heard because we run these events for you and want you to enjoy and bring more people to make it more enjoyable.

The photo gallery for this event will be up soon, so please check it out.


Big thank you goes out to our sponsor who without their support we would not be able to run these events:

Next LAN Party

Keep a look out for our next LAN Party Event – DGA MMXii Delta which is on 25th August 2012 and the registration will be open 21 days out.

Stay safe, Frag Hard and see you all at the next LAN.

DGA MMXii Bravo Wrap Up

[singlepic id=2567 w=320 h=240 float=right]Good Evening Darwin Gamers,

Now that was a crazy LAN Party.

For those that attended thank you for coming and  allowing us to work through the many challenges we faced. For those that didn’t you missed out on a great LAN Party.

So many things had to align for the massive delay we experienced during this event. However with the great assistance from the faithful few;

  • Reeciepoo
  • M1GH7Y ALN
  • SneaK
We wrangled it back on track and it turned out amazing.


  • Quake 3 Arena
  • Far Cry 2
  • Counter Strike Source – I was accused of Hacking. Best compliment ever.
  • Team Fortress 2
  • Terraria

[singlepic id=2537 w=320 h=240 float=right]Highlights

  • Blind Auction
  • FDD Challenge – from across the room throw a brand new FDD into a box to win 50% back on entry
  • So many great prizes donated by our fantastic sponsors; IT Shack and Cut Price Computers
  • Far Cry 2 Competition
  • Watching some Sasuke (Ninja Warrior)
  • Ordering 16 Pizzas that arrived on time, no mistakes and had what was in the box written on the box. Plus as a Bonus I sorted and hand delivered each Pizza to the seat of each gamer.
  • Using my iPad to play music through the AV system which faded in and out when we used the mic.
  • Setup and Pack up was amazing, so efficient and well executed by everyone who attended making the LAN and even bigger success.
  • Head over to the event gallery for this LAN Party to see what happened during the event.

Thank you to our Sponsors

As always it is so important to acknowledge the generosity of our Sponsors:

  • Darwin Community Arts for allowing us to use the location that has Internet, Power and AC
  • Harvey Norman who lent us 3x XBox Consoles, 3x 27in Displays, Kinect with Games
  • Rebmoc Leisure & Hire who provides us Drinks
  • Dominos Pizza for Great Pizza, Services and Delivery on time and to the door.
  • Majestix Media for lending us the AV System which included a Projector, Wireless Mic and Sound System.
  • KikFM for the ongoing advertising

Well I will wrap this up now. If I have missed anything important please comment below to let everyone know what a great event it was and we look forward to kicking off the next one at the end of April.

Thank you again to everyone involved and make sure you register and attend the next LAN Party Event MMXii Charlie.

New LAN Party will be on Saturday 30th June 2012.

As always:

DGA MMXii Alpha Wrap Up

[singlepic id=2486 w=320 h=240 float=right]Good evening Darwin Gamers.

At the end of February was our first LAN Party for 2012 and it was the event to attend. For those that missed it make sure you get yourself and a friend to the next one.

So many new things were introduced at this event here are just a few:

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DGA MMXi Foxtrot Wrap Up

Good Evening Darwin Gamers,

Firstly I would like to say a big thank you to all of our members, you, for supporting LANning in Darwin for 2011.

[singlepic id=2452 w=320 h=240 float=right]

This event was our last for the year and it ended on a great high.

Now foxtrot wasn’t smooth sailing as we had liked and the numbers were less then we expected or that had registered.

Due to booking issues with the people using the location again, we started late, however everyone who turned up while we setup received a $10 discount on the entry. Thats right a 40% discount for the great support our member provided.

The weather took a turn for the worst and pelted down which we believe reduced the numbers a bit. However we had a great volunteer to get some more ice.


For those following our Facebook and Twitter feeds you would know that we took dinner off the table due to the small number of people wanting pizza. As always, the number of people that wanted pizzas reached 10 and we did a pizza run anyway. Luckily for Dominos online ordering system and the efficiency of their Casuarina store we had 10 hot Pizza ready for pickup in no time. I have to say, damn that was some great tasting pizza.


As you may have been aware we held our Annual General Meeting on the night, please check out our 2011 AGM post for details on how that turned out.


[singlepic id=2463 w=320 h=240 float=left]We didn’t have an official competition setup for the night however we were very fortunate that our sponsor Harvey Norman was generous enough to provide us:

  • 8x XBOX 360 4GB Consoles
  • 8x 27″ Display Monitors
  • 8x Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 XBOX Games

Now it seems this event was slated for disaster after disaster because we didn’t pickup all the required equipment, like the HDMI Cables to pair the Consoles with the monitor. Our good friend Kagestu left them behind. Luckily we had 2 spares, plus I had one with me and one of our members allowed us to swap out his for a DVI Cable, this meant we were able to setup 4 network linked consoles for gaming.

[singlepic id=2477 w=320 h=240 float=right]Having access to these consoles we created a fun 3 round Free 4 All match with the last round being the 1st & 2nd Place winners from each round.

It is hard to describe the fierce competition that was fought hard by each entrant vying for the two prizes up for grabs, however I can say it was a very close game.

  • 1st Place – Razer Deathadder Gaming Mouse – Donated by IT Shack – Won by WaxxKilla
  • 2nd Place – Creative Headphones – Donated by Cut Price Computers – Won by xXdarrynXx

To really put the pressure on we sent in our resident competition champ DragonXR to make the entrants work hard for the prizes. Overall DragonXR did come first however we adjusted the positions for the two winners above.


During the night and after a few games of Battlefield 3, Quake 3, COD MW3 and Saints Row: The Third we draw the Door Prize with was a Logitech MK550 Keyboard and Mouse Combo donated by Cut Price Computers. We also draw two more Prizes donated by Cut Price Computer which were 2x Creative Soundblaster XFi Sound Cards:


  • Door Prize: Crionan
  • Lucky Draw: xXdarrynXx
  • Lucky Draw: Jam


  • Members attended: 16
  • Games Played:
    • Battlefield 3
    • Quake 3 Arena
    • Saints Row: The Third
    • COD MW3
  • Consoles: 8 x XBOX 360 with 8 x 27″ Monitors with MW3
  • Photos Taken: 29
  • Winners of Prizes: 4
  • Hours of Gaming: 7
  • Fun: Shit Loads


First thanks goes to our dedicated sponsors. Without their support and assistance throughout 2011 our DGA LAN Event would not have:

  • Prizes including Raffles – Rod Teece from Cut Price Computers and David from IT Shack
  • New Networking Equipment including Managed Core Switch and Access Smart Switch – David from IT Shack
  • New Cat 6 Ethernet Cabling – Alan Wallace from CIS –
  • New Phase 3 Power Board – Lee Brabazon
  • Consoles and MW3 Product Launch – Harvey Norman
  • Drinks – Paul Comber from Rebmoc Leisure & Hire –
  • Radio Advertising – KikFM
  • Event Location – Darwin Community Arts (DCA)

Thank you again to all those who attended and provided assistance setting up and for those that missed out, we really look forward to seeing you down at these events in 2012.

Registration for the 2012 Events will be up in the new year so please look out for our MMXii LAN Events.

Have a very Merry Christmas and a Safe and Happy New Year and we look forward to seeing you all back next year.


Check out the Event Gallery for Foxtrot

Here is the Presentation for the Event also.


DGA MMXi Echo Wrap Up

Good Evening Darwin Gamers,

Well the LAN Event has come and gone, and the time has been passing so quickly.

DGA MMXi Echo - 014

LAN Event in full swing

Firstly I would like to thank everyone who attended and everyone who helped us out because all of you made this one of the most fun, enjoyable and most relaxing LAN Event I have been involved in.

To everyone else, you really need to come on down and get some of this old school LANning.

Lots of great games played, prizes drawn and given away, timetable was shot to buggery, however it was fantastic.

This event was our first Saturday LAN Event is a really long time. Usually Friday nights from 6:00PM to 4AM, however this time we asked what the gamers wanted and we got a good response for an all day Saturday event.

Now Ive been to some really long events in the past, now Im talking about our old school EVOs which would span 3 days. I don’t know what is was but this event threw everyones LAN clocks out as we had some gamers thinking it was 4AM when it was only 9:30PM. It just must have been so good that everyone was having a great time getting caught up in the event.

We had a bit of a slow start and couldnt get back on to the timetable so we just let the games roll out as they may. These included: Quake 3, Counter Strike Source, Team Fortress 2, Battlefield 1942 Desert Combat.

DGA MMXi Echo - 020

Vorly Shows off the Blindfold

We also made up a competition on the fly to give away the DIRT3 steam voucher donated by Cut Price Computers. This competition was an oldie but a goodie. We partnered gamers to drive around a Daytona Track on GT5 and the one with the fastest lap time won, however the driver was blind folded and need to get instructions.

Now this competition I think had a bit of a flaw in the design as one of the winners realised that staying on the wall of the round track would help them stay on course and require little supervision from the partner with sight.

Due to such a big day we included Lunch and Dinner.  At lunch we cooked up a massive all you can eat sausage sizzle BBQ where we had our food gurus cooking up a storm to fend off the savagers. Damn those Sausages from Holco Fine Meat as awesome. Thank you Reese and Alan again.

For dinner we went with the trusty and reliable favourite Pizza, and this time it was Dominos. Vorly and myself created a ordering system from the available pizzas and proceeded to get everyones orders. By the end of the ordering process we had 21 pizza ready to be called through to Dominos at Casuarina. Thank you again Vorly for assisting me with this and the running of the competition. Having more people on board really makes for a well oiled, well run and enjoyable event.

Dominos Casuarina has a fantastic supervisor by the name of Rachel who helped us order and have the pizza delivered and on time by 7PM when we had dinner set for. Big Big thank you to all the staff at Dominos for getting all the pizzas correct and delivered on time.

DGA MMXi Echo - Winners - 1

DGA Raffle Winner - Spiritwalker

This event we also draw the Raffle prize donated by Cut Price Computers and DGA to one of our long standing Members Spiritwalker. Thank you for purchasing so many raffle tickets and I hope the new Gaming Case makes a big appearance at the new DGA Event.

This event we had EFTPOS machine and coloured ticket system which we used for Entry, Lucky Draw, Food and Drink. This system seemed to work well and allowed a better cash management cashless system. Thank you to those who used our EFTPOS Machine.

Hugely big thank you to everyone who stayed at the end to help us pack the whole event away, your efforts are appreciated and we know that even after packing your own stuff away and then helping us in the early hours of the morning is exhausting. Thank you, thank you, thank you.


  • Gamers: 30
  • Games Played:
    • TF2
    • COD MW2
    • TrackMania
    • GT5 on PS3
    • Quake 3
    • Battlefield 1942 Desert Combat
  • Sausages Consumed: 125
  • Prizes Ordered: 21
  • Drinks drank: 120
  • Hours Played: 14
  • Photos Taken: 35 – Photos are now available for view under the Event Gallery – DGA MMXi Echo


Images of the prizes are available in our DGA MMXi Echo announcement post

  • Raffle – Spiritwalker – Aerocool XPredator Gaming Case – Cut Price Computers & DGA
  • Competition – Blindfolded Driving on GT5 Daytona Track – Cut Price Computers
  • Lucky Draws
    • TBA – TP Link 8 Port Gigabit Switch – IT Shack
    • TBA – TP Link 4 Port Wifi ADSL2+ Router – IT Shack
    • TBA – Samsung 1.5TB HDD – IT Shack
    • TBA – Saltek Eclipse II Keyboard


An enormous thank you to all our Sponsors who got involved by either coming down and attending the event or donating DGA some fantastic prizes for us to give away.

  • David from IT Shack – Prizes and support
  • Rod from Cut Price Computers – Prizes and Raffle
  • Paul from Rebmoc Leisure & Hire – Drinks and Arcade Machine
  • Darwin Community Arts – Event Location
  • KikFM – Advertising
  • Alan from CIS for providing the Cat 6 Data Cabling

Thank you to all those who attended and for those that missed out please come along next time.

We have already opened up the new registration for the next event. Please click the button in the header or head over to the DGA LAN Events page.

Dont forget to: